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Listening to Your Body

Let's talk about listening to your body. I've been tested a few times throughout my 20's for diabetes because I had Gestational diabetes during my first pregnancy plus it runs in our family. Each time the numbers came back great. There was no reason to think I was struggling with my blood sugar. 8 months ago, I walked into my doctors office with complaints of dry skin and being itchy. At first she was going to treat me for psoriasis. As we were getting ready to finish up I jumped up and said, "OH YEAH! Before I forget the skin on the back of my neck seems to be darker than the rest." She looks at it and said, "You're not leaving without a blood test, this is a sign of diabetes." So as it turns out my sure sign of eating something that spiked my blood sugar is my skin itching.  The last week I have been watching what I eat and limiting my carb/sugar intake. I even passed up a bunch of candy that was being handed out. I've felt great with litt

Yes I can!

In 2014, I worked really hard to lose weight and finally got down to my lowest weight. I maintained that for awhile until I hurt my ankle and things started getting stressful at work. I found comfort in the food I ate and felt instant gratification. Needless to say, due to my unhealthy eating habits and lack of exercise brings me to my highest weight. About 8 months ago I found out I was prediabetic, and I tried so hard at first to get the weight off and nothing worked. Eventually, I gave up and reverted back to old habits. I remember looking at photos of when I was smaller and feeling down about myself. Honestly, I was just being plain negative... Today that ends, I am no longer going to look in the mirror and feel sorry for myself. I'm going to change, and I know I can do it. I had someone remind me today that instead of looking at those old pictures of myself and feeling bad I should see that it is something that I can and will do. I've done it once, and I'll do it a