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In case you want to know

Tonight I woke up from a bad dream, and as I sat here thinking about it and what it means to me. I realize just how amazing my career has been. I started working when I was just 14 years old at the Airport Steakhouse. I was there for about 7-8 years, and I did anything from cashiering, bussing, and waitressing. After I graduated high school, it wasn't uncommon for me to work 2-3 part-time jobs at once. I've also worked at Kansas Splashdown, Applebees, Lone Star, JcPennys, newspaper carrier, Tupperware Consultant, and Go Calendars. I'm hard working and extremely dedicated in all endeavors. So much so that my newspaper carrier job opened the doors to one of my most influential career opportunities. I ended up giving up my paper route because my car broke down. A few months later, I was called and offered a job as Assistant District Manager. I would later go on to be part-time Subscriber Service Rep(SSR) to full-time and eventually Lead SSR. When management changes happened,