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It's February!

Hey everyone!

Totally Jen here and thought it would be a good idea to at least make a new post for February. Time seems to be flying by already. Next thing I know it's going to be January 2020... There's been a lot of emotions for the last few weeks. I'm guessing it's due to my hormones and the weekly shot I have to get to prevent preterm labor. Plus all the stress of a high-risk pregnancy. Poor Bryan!

Speaking of pregnancy, so far everything is looking really good. I just got another biophysical profile done today and Ethan passed with flying colors. Next week, we get to see measurements and make sure he is on track. For those of you who are not aware when you have diabetes in pregnancy a high birth weight is common. Last time they checked he was spot on and for the most part, my blood sugars have mostly been in check. So I'm thinking everything should be on track.

I've really been biting at the bit to get everything all ready for Ethan but at the same time, I've been exhausted. Luckily, Bryan and Alex both have been super helpful. We're still missing a few things we need to be functioning parents, but we are pretty close to having everything. I'm hoping to get the rest of the stuff picked up over the next few weeks.

I believe in the last post I talked about our new guinea pig, Sneaky Snickers, we had a successful bonding experience. Mocha being the oldest has made sure to remind Sneakers that she is the dominant one and not to get in her way.  We finished our remodeling project on their cage and everything seems to be working out really well. We've had to make sure we spot clean more often and I think instead of washing the bedding biweekly we might have to start doing it weekly. We're still trying to figure out what works best. I've never had an issue with smell and that's not something I want to start fighting especially with a new little on the way.

Well, I think that's all I really have for now. I'll try to make a post in March but if not I will for sure post something in April after I've recovered. Remember to always be positive and an inspiration to others.

Totally Jen


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