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Pulmonary Rehab

Hey everyone! I've been thinking about the different ways I can take my blog. Since my life has slightly changed in the past couple of years I think I'm going to start doing maybe some movie reviews or something like that. So stay tuned for that. I think I'm also going to start documenting my pulmonary rehab so here it goes. 

So my first day of rehab wasn't too bad. I got to work out for 15 minutes on a Nuway recumbent step bike. I really like it a lot more than the regular recumbent pedal bike I have at home. After 15 minutes, we went to another room for education purposes. We got to learn about the different types of inhalers. I already knew quite a bit about them but there were a few key takeaways. Using a spacer is much more efficient. Then the next day my body decided to be what I like to call potsie(my Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrom for those of you new here).

It was Friday so my family and I decided to travel about an hour to another town because they have more places to shop and eat. I was feeling pretty good and we got through the shopping. We pulled up to Red Lobster and my husband went to get out of the car and I said hold on just a second. Something just doesn't feel right. Will you hand me my blood pressure cuff and sure enough my BP is 163/104. I'm starving by this point it's like 8PM and I haven't eaten since about noon. So we kind of hung around and I was finally like ya I can't do this. I think I need to go to the ER. And so we did. At the ER it spiked all the way up to 175/140. But of course, all my labs come back normal. They refused to do anything and sent me home finally at 3 in the morning. I didn't get home till about 4AM. I was so tired and so was my husband. I ended up eating at McDonald's too and it was so gross for those of you who don't know me I do not like McDonald's. 

By the time my next class rolled around, I still wasn't feeling great but I pushed through and went. That's where I find out my crazy vitals will probably be my biggest problem in class. If my numbers are over a certain threshold I can't work out and if it's really bad I will probably get sent to the ER there. So fun times. They had to call my cardiologist and I had to track my vitals for a week and wait for recommendations from the doctor. I'm still not sure if the exercise flared me up or if it was just a coincidence. I did start back up yesterday and for the most part, my body behaved. I lasted 30 mins and so far I haven't had a spike in symptoms. So hopefully I'm kind of past it for now. I feel like if I can last a few weeks and get in the habit I will maybe feel better. I'm also doing recumbent strength training at home. 

Anyways, tonight I'm having a friend over, and we are going to work with our dogs tonight. My oldest son wants to compete in Agility competitions so we're working on getting my Sheltie, Emma, all trained. We're going to train our poodle, Sadie, as well. We figure our dogs can never be too good. Am I right? 

I hope everyone has a great weekend and I'll try to keep you all updated on my progress. Remember you are a beautiful amazing person and don't let anyone else tell you otherwise. Your life is worth it! 

~Totally Jen 


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